How it works


It's simple


Like a book library, you sign up for a membership, you choose garments to borrow, you take them home and enjoy them for a maximum of one month, then you return them and swap them for a new selection.


Become a member

Before you can borrow, you sign up for a membership

There is a one-off, non-refundable, joining fee of $40. This helps us to keep replenishing the library with new garments.

Choose a subscription

We have different subscriptions to suit different needs and budgets. The minimum subscription period is 3 months.

Payments are monthly by bank transfer or payable by Eftpos or cash in the library.


Your subscription includes

  • Borrowing garments for up to a month at a time, with the option of renewing as many times as you like.
  • A set number of points to “spend” in the library each month. Each garment or accessory is allocated points based on its value or quality (for example, a top or skirt might be 25 points, a designer evening dress 100 or 150).
  • 10% discount on selected retail items,
  • Early access to annual stock sales.
  • Discount to attendance at workshops
  • Invitations to member events.

Membership with no subscription


If you only want to borrow once or twice, or don’t want to subscribe, you can still borrow from the library.

You'll need to sign up for a membership ($40 sign-up fee applies) and pay per item.

However, borrowing per item is more expensive, you can borrow for only one week at a time and do not have access to other subscription benefits e.g. discount on sale items.