Making a mental shift, a good one!

We love hearing feedback from our wonderful community. Check out what Olivia has to say about her experiences as a Carousel Clothing Library member.

I have been a member of the Carousel Library for coming up four months now and it has exceeded my expectations and some. The first mental barrier I initially faced (and that delayed me signing up) was the idea that I wasn’t going to have ownership of the clothes I borrowed. The idea of having to return the article of clothing after a month went against every cultural and societal norm that I had/have learnt or been taught. The second mental barrier/excuse I had brewing up was the thought of there not being enough clothing options for me to choose from due to my awkward size, but honestly, there have always been options. 

Getting to know Sarah more and hearing the heart behind Carousel and learning more about the sustainable warrior that she is, I took the leap out of my comfort zone and signed up to the $35 a month subscription option which entitles me to 100 points worth of clothing a month. 

I never realised just how much fun borrowing clothing could be! 

Literally, being a member of Carousel Library has been a mental shift, a good one that’s one step forward towards reducing this culture of high consumerism within the fashion industry. I think I speak for many when I say that I have often impulsively purchased an item of clothing only to be dissatisfied with it a month or two later. There have been times where I have borrowed an item of clothing thinking “I’m going to hire this out every month I love it so much!!” only to get to the end of the month more than happy to exchange it for something new. The experience is one of satisfaction and excitement as I get to chop and change an outfit every month and reduce my unhealthy consumption of clothing.

Because I’m a nurse and 4-5 days a week consists of me wearing a uniform I do not need as many outfit options so the 100 points a month has been more than sufficient for me. I would recommend everyone to try Carousel out, step out of your comfort zone and reduce your clothing consumption.

Love what you're doing and keep being you cause you're awesome. 

Nga mihi mahana,