Gucci sunglasses for sale

These usually retail at over $400 but you can grab them from Carousel for $245.

They are an example of why it is always good to sleep on it before investing in luxury goods. Impulse buying often is a mistake. The sunglasses are awesome, stylish, sleek. The problem is that they don’t match the face of the owner.

So, they are currently listed on Designer Wardrobe. However, if you are in Hamilton, you can save on the courier and additional fees involved - and avoid my mistake by trying them on - by coming in to the library.

Details are below:

Worn just a handful of times. Come with a case that folds down to an envelope for stowing in your bag. Reference: GG-4280-S - 6LB/EU Frame material: Metal Frame colour: Silver Lenses: Black Gradient UV protection: 2